Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alli just loves the camera and is always coming up with new poses to just make me laugh. She even will blink her eyes to anticipate the flash. What a hoot every time we get pictures.

13 months old

Is this a good enough smile

The Hiawatha Trail

So I am a little slow getting these pictures out. I have been a little busy. But let me tell you this trail was so fun. The whole family went even grandma and grandpa. We went through tunnels and over trestles and just out on the open rode. I think the best part was when my flashlight taped to my bike (you had to have a light for going through the tunnels) shinned on the wall of the tunnel insted of down on the path. So that proved to be not the most effective way of going through the dark tunnels, but I guess I knew where the wall was so at least I wouldn't run into that. We were all really sore, but I think we will plan on going back soon.

I not such a big fans of bike helments

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Creepy crawling

SHE DID IT!!!! It seemed like it happened overnight. She had been rocking back and forth a couple of days before, but she just decided that she was not content in one place and wanted to see the world. We are still working on speed, which will come of course. So daddy look at me.

Our little Artists

Little Alli likes to come and play with cousin Camille. We learned that not only do they enjoy eating together and spending play time together but they enjoy painting. We didn't know we had some little Michelangos in the family. (It definitely doesn't come from my side.) We kind of struggled to get clear pictures of their hands and feet, and afterwards we didn't always have the rag right there to wipe off the hands and feet, so needless to say paint happened to get on the little girls. We were pretty good on keeping it on the sheet, which really is amazing that it stayed in one spot, but the little girls sure had fun for the most part as long as we kept them distracted with food. They enjoyed their little swimming party afterwards and playing with the little duckies.