Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alli just loves to look out the window and see the animals. Really the only animals that we see around here are cats, dogs, and birds, but whenever she sees them she goes just crazy. The animals usually runaway after her shrill screams, but it is sure fun to watch. She will be 2 in May. She has started the whole fit throwing thing, but she is such a joy she really makes us laugh.

As you can probably tell by the Vegas pictures that I have myself a little belly. Not it is not a tumor or anything. We are actually having another baby for you that don't know. Anyway, I am almost 7 months along, so we have the tough part yet to come, but we are so excited to have another girl around. Good luck to me on hair thing and girly things Right?
I have decided that I am not so current on my blog so sorry about the updates on our family anyway, but he had the chance to go on vacation around Valentine's Day. Bret had a conference for school so we took the chance to get away. I had a friend join us there and my parents also came to bask in the fun. We were ready to come home after the week was over. We had had enough of Vegas but it was really fun to go see all the sites and the interesting people there. Here are in front of the Blin-bling horse so I call it. It was in the Bellagio. The other pictures are after the auqarium in Mandalay Bay, and in front of the famous picture sign. We sure had fun.