Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alli just loves to look out the window and see the animals. Really the only animals that we see around here are cats, dogs, and birds, but whenever she sees them she goes just crazy. The animals usually runaway after her shrill screams, but it is sure fun to watch. She will be 2 in May. She has started the whole fit throwing thing, but she is such a joy she really makes us laugh.


Mark & Heidi said...

Hey girl,
You have a beautiful family! I miss the good old days seeing you and Becky every day for track or basketball. Good luck with the new one! I love having two girls, they fight well, and play well. You look great! I hope your angel is healthy and all goes well.

Karen said...

We wish we could come play with Alli! She and Mil could scare the cats together!

Justin & Rebecca &family said...

It was great hearing from you. We are living in Rigby right now. We bought a chiropractic office in Idaho Falls. Where are you at? Good luck with the new one next month.

Mark & Heidi said...

You should be popping any day now right? Good Luck. I hope all goes well. Mark is going into Pharmacy school at ISU hopefully next fall. Have a wonderful day!