Saturday, July 26, 2008

We had had our first pool party the other day. The girls loved it. The water was a little cold. Camille was a little aprehensive about going all the way in at first, and would just touch her bum on the water and stand up. Alli just did the cannon ball and went for it. After the rapid breathing and flapping of arms she got use to it and loved it. We didn't leave them in to long. After the discoloration of the lips we knew it was time to get out, but let me tell you the girls were not happy.

Ready, ready, ready, ready to run.

I decided to run for fun. I know that it sounds like an oxy-moron. Anyway, I just decided that I could do it. Anyway, in high school 3 miles didn't seem to long, but this race seemed like, well let me tell you, pretty much double. Anyway, my goal was to make it under 30 mins. My ending time was 24:57. So I kind of surprised myself. I was pretty sore for a couple of days, but it kind of set a spark for me. I think I may continue to run and train for some different races. I know running, who would have thunk.

I just learned to brush

I just love to brush my teeth. When I am done I love to pull the brush out and play with it and flip the spit everywhere. I know that is kind of gross, but I just love to have the water flip everywhere. When mommy catches what I am doing I am usually done brushing my teeth for the day.